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Are you worried if your house or business is protected? 


Call our office and ask for a free security assesment. Our security expert, Ben Schultz, can meet with you to discuss how to best protect your home or business. 


Our Services Include

Total Connect

  • Burglar Alarms

  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

  • Monitored Smoke Detectors

  • Medical Alert

  • Home Theater

  • Whole House Audio Systems

  • Telephone Jacks

  • Cable Jacks

  • Network Jacks

  • Intercom Systems

  • Central Vacuum


Ask us about our home theater services. We can design, mount or hang any television or projector system. We will also wire and install any surround sound or whole house audio system. 


Camera Systems

We specialize in installing customized camera systems. We use top-of-the-line HD digital cameras and recording systems. Our systems will allow you total coverage of your home or business. click the image to the left tofind out more information.

Our Security Products 


Here are some of the many products offered by our company to secure your home. 

  • Don't have a home phone line or are you interested in dropping your home phone service? ask about our cellular backup technology. 

  • Our cellular backups will have you connected with our central station 24/7.

  • The technology uses a 4G cell phone network to allow your system to send signals instead of using your home phone line. 

  • This makes your system more reliable and prevents burglars from breaking into your house by cutting an outside phone line.  

  • If your house does not have a current system in it, ask about our Honeywell wireless systems. 

  • The Honeywell Lynx 5200 wireless system uses an easy-to-use 4.7" color touchscreen interface. 

  • Easy-access home screen and panic buttons 

  • Voice chime features, internal cell-backup technology,  Wi-Fi support.

  • No wires means no drilling through your house, quick installation.

  • Basic package comes with 3 wireless contacts, 1 motion detector, and  a wireless keyfob. 


  • Our company offers a variety of keypad options to match your needs.

  • The keypads our easy to read, have large buttons, and simple to use. 

  • There are no confusing blinking lights 

  • The keypads come programmed with one-touch arming, panic buttons, and chime features. 

  • Our Glassbreak Detectors use the latest technology to provide faster response and increased false alarm immunity.

  • The detector  is designed to listen for the sound of breaking glass to catch an intruder at the moment of impact.

  • Adjustable sensitivity can compensate for the acoustics of any room.

  • with a maximum range of 25 feet the detector can be mounted anywhere, and on any wall, ceiling, or window frame.

  • When an intruder breaks into your house our wide angle motion  detectors will catch them in the act. 

  • Using infrared technology our sensors will notify our central station when there is an intrusion.

  • worried about your pet setting the detector off? We can install a pet-immune sensor that can provide an immunity from 30, 40 or even 80 pounds. 

  • We use photoelectric smoke detectors that alert our central station the moment there is a fire in your home. 

  • Our detectors do not beep and our wireless detectors will alert you through our keypad when they need maintenance. 

  • They are adjusted for sensitivity due to dust accumulation, minimizing false or nuisance alarms. 

Cellular Backup 
Wireless Systems 
Glassbreak Sensors 
Motion Detectors
Smoke Detectors 
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