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About Andrews Security.

Andrew Schultz learned the security industry from the ground up, quite literally.  His father started one of the first and most successful alarm companies in the Southeast, and gave Andrew one of his first jobs at age 19, pulling wire and installing systems. His father insisted that Andrew learn not only the inner workings of both commercial and residential systems, but also how to treat customers right, how to retain, care for and nourish his customer base.

In 1982, Andrew moved back to his hometown of Atlanta and began working for a Fortune 500 security company.  He soon became frustrated with his inability to give customers the attention he felt they deserved. In 1993, as a response to his customer’s needs, Andrews Security, Inc was started.

Andrew knew that he could give customers a better product and faster, better service at a lower price than his competitors. As a result our company has grown from a small start up into a large, but family run business. Our initial client base continues to grow as satisfied and happy customers refer us to friends and relatives. Our employees are screened and vetted, and well trained, much in the same way that Andrew was years before. Installers are never questioned on losing money on a job, only asked “Was the customer happy with the install and satisfied with our service?”.

As our client base grew, so did our product offerings.  Our clients were so impressed with our company that they began asking for help with audio systems, cameras, and home theaters.

Andrews Security Inc. has a smart growth plan for the future in which we can continue to expand while still being financially secure, and able to respond to our client base.  This mission is how our company was founded: superior service, quick response, high quality products, accurate information,integrity, low pricing and the knowledge that our customers always come first. 

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