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Frequently Asked Questions 



Why should I choose Andrews Security?


Andrews Security is a local family-owned and operated security alarm company, serving the Atlanta area with quality installations and 24-hour Central Station monitoring since 1993. As experts in our field, we have acquired an excellent working knowledge of both commercial and residential security and protection devices, burglar alarms, fire detection, fire sprinkler monitoring, intercom systems, low voltage wiring, and Home Theater Installations.


Think of Andrews Security for all your security and low voltage needs.


Why do I need my alarm system monitored 24 hous a day? 


A monitored alarm system is like having someone stand guard watching over and protecting your family and property 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you are away from home, asleep, or on vacation--and your home is broken into or a fire starts--our 24/7 Monitoring Center will immediately dispatch the appropriate authorities.


Can I get a break on my insurance if I get an alarm system?  


Yes! Insurance companies also realize the lower risk of exposure for homes equipped with a monitored alarm system.  Many insurance companies offer discounts of up to 20%, if you install a monitored alarm.


What happens if my phone lines are cut? 


Most alarm systems use a telephone line to transmit signals to the central station.  If your alarm is reliant upon only telephone line transmission, although the siren or bell will ring, no signals will be sent to the central station. Your Andrews Security representative can explain the various radio back up services we can provide, to insure signals are received, even if the phone line is cut.


I am not happy with the system I currently have through another company. Can I switch over to Andrews Security? 

Yes! Andrews Security has vast experience with all kinds of alarm systems. For a FREE security review of your home or business give us a call at 770-667-5111.


I have smoke alarms already installed in my house, why should I add monitored fire protection with Andrews Security? 


Fire can be devastating to any home. In addition to the immediate life threatening danger, it can cause irreplaceable damage to your property and possessions.  Non-monitored smoke alarms only provide audible notification of a fire relying on someone else to alert the fire department of the emergency! When a fire condition is detected, monitored smoke/fire detectors send an alarm signal to our monitoring station.  Once the signal is received our professionally trained staff can quickly dispatch the local fire department to your residence, minimizing the potential threat.


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